Can God Be Biased?

Madhavankutty Pillai

The conceptual flaw in asking Him to take Covid out as Uddhav Thackeray did

Social Distancing: The Flat Curve Imperative

The most effective way to manage Covid-19

The Rise of Rashmi Thackeray

The power beside the throne

How to Not Let Go

All that Devendra Fadnavis had to do was be patient and the rest would be history

Sharad Pawar: The Grand Maratha

Written off two months ago, he has again emerged as Maharashtra’s most powerful politician

What Happened at the Meeting?

One NCP leader is claiming that Sharad Pawar in fact told Modi not to rely on Ajit Pawar

Calling American Media

US media’s antipathy

Power and its Contents

The characteristics of true politicians as shown in the resurgence of Sharad Pawar


The Modi spell is intact in Maharashtra but Jat anger tilts the balance in Haryana

Fadnavis 2.0

The Maharashtra Chief Minister moved from a little known MLA to the state’s tallest leader in five years. What awaits him in his second term?


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