Return of the Satraps

Amita Shah

Five of them not only held on to their turfs but emerged stronger as well

Guarding the Citadel

Union Minister Piyush Goyal sways north Mumbai, a traditional BJP bastion, reports

A Measure of Mumbai

How India’s financial capital votes has an outsized influence on national politics. Modi leaves nothing to chance

The Battle for Baramati

Two sisters-in-law find themselves in opposite corners with the future of the Pawar legacy at stake

Game of Thrones

BJP seeks to storm the sugar heartland in western Maharashtra with Ajit Pawar’s NCP on its side

Sadanand Date: Top Cop

A hero who defended Mumbai during the 26/11 attack takes over as NIA chief

Replacement Value

On the changing of railway station names in Mumbai

The Local Fix

Why some states force their regional languages onto signboards


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