The Local Fix

Madhavankutty Pillai

Why some states force their regional languages onto signboards

The Dharmic Quotient

The trajectory of moral politics

Politics of Appearance

Dialectics of T-shirts and the slippage of Sharad Pawar

‘Total Politics’ at Play

The splits in NCP and Shiv Sena have expanded NDA and hurt the Opposition’s efforts to present a united challenge to Narendra Modi in 2024

Don’t Rule Out Sharad Pawar

For doing all manner of somersaults

In the Name of Aurangzeb

What led to mob violence in Kolhapur after social media posts coincided with Shivaji coronation celebrations

Uddhav Thackeray’s Hard Fall

Looking back, Thackeray might have avoided the Shinde event if he had paid attention to what was happening on the ground

Instrument of Negotiation

A high court order yet again points at the issues in India’s dowry law

Nana Patole: Out of His Depth?

His transition to Maharashtra Congress president, after he left BJP in 2017, has been far from smooth


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