The Memory of Krishna

Bibek Debroy

The returns from the hymn of peace range from wealth to wellness

Mythologising a Movement

Naxalism that left behind a trail of blood and devastation

Cosmopolitan Scrolls

The Bengal canvas of the human and the divine

Peter Brook (1925-2022): The Epic Storyteller

The man who staged the Mahabharata for the world

Shuvaprasanna: Making the Epics Fabulous

Shuvaprasanna’s oil-and-acrylic paintings celebrate the stories of the Mahabharata

A Measure of Success

Lessons from Radha’s enduring love for Krishna

Certitudes of the Centre

The art and architecture of domination

The Ganguli-Dutt Bind

Is it the government’s job to support translators?

A Plea for Pension

Why KM Ganguli wanted more payment for his English Mahabharata

The Ganguli Mahabharata

Did the publisher enrich himself at the expense of the translator?


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