Shuvaprasanna: Making the Epics Fabulous

Shaikh Ayaz

Shuvaprasanna’s oil-and-acrylic paintings celebrate the stories of the Mahabharata

A Measure of Success

Lessons from Radha’s enduring love for Krishna

Certitudes of the Centre

The art and architecture of domination

The Ganguli-Dutt Bind

Is it the government’s job to support translators?

A Plea for Pension

Why KM Ganguli wanted more payment for his English Mahabharata

The Ganguli Mahabharata

Did the publisher enrich himself at the expense of the translator?

The First Translator

KM Ganguli awaits recognition for bringing the Mahabharata to English readers

An Epic Challenge

The Mahabharata lives because of the questions it asks

The Enigma of Krishna

The origins and message of the Pandava Gita

User-Friendly God

Krishna remains a priceless gift to humanity


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