Reading Fast and Slow

Mini Kapoor

Try taking up a book one page at a time

Hope in Numbers

What should the government spend money on?

Past Parallels

Ever since Covid-19 forced a rejig of our lives, the past has often seemed another country

Back to the Office…

…with trepidation as the Covid threat still looms

Rational Expectations

Lifting consumer spirits is the most important intervention needed if spending is to pick up

Our Boys of Deliverance

A sector that created lakhs of jobs for the poorest and propped up a locked down country in its most difficult hour

Startup Stories of the Covid Times: Innovation in Adversity

Startups with creative ideas step in to fill the gaps in healthcare, logistics and employment

The Future of Entertainment

The pandemic has changed the art and mart of movies. Forever?

The Ones to Watch

Here are some people who can turn the tide in Bollywood

The Cost of Long Covid

A tortuous road to recovery


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