The Republic of Rage

Suhel Seth

India needs to laugh a little and bring satire back

Laugh Out Loud

Suddenly the joke is on us

Laughter and Lament

The crucible of the open mic winnows the duds from the real comics

She, She: Ha, Ha

A new crop of women comedians is breaking into the Indian stand-up circuit with edgy content and smart acts

Kunal Kamra, Comedian

No Laughing Matter

Aziz Ansari: ‘I want to take roles away from White actors’

Indian-American actor-writer Aziz Ansari on being funny

May the Joke Always Be on Us

How the politically incorrect ethnic joke keeps us together in the great fraternity of laughter

The Giggler on the Roof

Laughing is fun, more so when it is forbidden. Welcome to the world of inappropriate gigglers.

Real Comedy Is Coming

For some of us who cannot laugh at Indian TV humour, there is good news. Stand-up comics are coming

The Sound of Laughter

New research traces how laughter would have first sounded among primates


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