Lalu Yadav

The Last Battle of the Long Marchers

Amita Shah

It may be the final act in the political theatre for these war-scarred veterans

The Many Faces of Sharad Yadav

The constant turner of ideological shades finds he has nowhere left to go but down


What happens when the leading alliances in Bihar are biased towards fielding Yadav candidates

The Patna Protocol

An epic battle is underway in the proverbial badlands of Bihar, where many political lives swing between irrelevance and renewal. Even as cracks appear in the artificial alliance of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad, the BJP wants more than a victory. It is fighting for a mandate worthy of India’s most popular politician and its unsurpassed campaigner. Narendra Modi’s next phase of modernisation will begin from the backwardness of Bihar

Bihar: The Great Election Scare

How political parties in Bihar increasingly use fear as a tool to draw Muslim votes

Lalu and Rabri

The marriage of two former chief ministers


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