Cops as Exemplars

Jaideep Mazumdar

Thousands of slum children, underprivileged youngsters and senior citizens have been given a new direction in life by novel Kolkata Police projects.

The Rich Who Want to Be Poor

In Kolkata, an unusually high number of people have been declared ‘insolvent’ so they don’t have to repay their debts.

Avenues of Angst

Traffic blockades in Kolkata are part and parcel of the city’s daily routine. If there’s a cause, you can be sure there’ll be a holdup.

The Life of a Street

Few other streets in the world house the variegated pageant of life Park Street does. And perhaps fewer still have changed character as dramatically over time as this 250 years old Kolkata landmark.

A Passage in Kolkata

Kolkata’s Park Street is the most iconic road in India. Bridging the gap between Warren Hastings and Buddhadeb, it is a celebration, and, alas, a tragedy.

Presidency’s Perestroika

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s proposal to turn this college into a university is being opposed, predictably, by Bengal’s communist ancien regime.

The Tank Tops

This water tank was commissioned in 1911, but the Kolkata Municipal Corporation went ahead and celebrated its centenary this year. Here’s why they could not wait for two more years

The Tao of Kali Worship

At a temple in Kolkata, Chinese expats appease the goddess with offerings of momos and noodles

Home away from Home

A peek into the storied 226-year-old mansion in central Calcutta that goes by Fairlawn Hotel.

You Can Check out, but Never Leave

This eccentric hotel in Kolkata brings its guests back again and again for the inimitable ‘Fairlawn experience’


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