Khushwant Singh

Bombay High

Bhaichand Patel

Plain tales from Malabar Hill

‘Malice Towards One and All’

Khushwant Singh once wrote that Indira Gandhi could not become a clerk in the Government she had most fortuitously come to head

A South Asian Summer in London

Khushwant Singh and other festival delights and diversions

What a Tamasha!

Nothing was sacred for the writer who never aged

The Madrassa Englishwalas

At Markazul Ma’arif, madrassa students are taught English with the aid of books by authors like Ted Hughes and Khushwant Singh

The Other Khushwant Singh

His books are mistaken for those of his famous namesake, and he has often faced charges of being an imposter. It is harrowing to constantly defend one’s name

Uncivil Lines

Sex, Goa, wild elephants and last but not the least, Khushwant Singh in his element. These are just some of the features that give this anthology a quixotic, rogue appeal.


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