Karl Marx

The Economists’ Conceit

Dhiraj Nayyar

Smith and Marx. Keynes and Friedman. Why no one else?

Is the Indian Left Anti-Marx?

A recent event barring a Dalit scholar from a talk at LSR suggests so, argues Dr Aditi Narayani Paswan

Jai Bhim has been brewing in my mind for 15 years: Director Gnanavel

Torture scenes in the movie are nothing compared with reality, says the 40-year-old former journalist

Opium for the Masses

The relationship between economic growth and religious belief

Zero Marx

A rigid ideology and a generational divide contributed to the Left's rout in India

The Awakening

While the terms of Left engagement have changed dramatically in the West, a new Hindu overconfidence has displaced old liberal assumptions in India


As the last receptacles of a homeless ideology, Indian communists have become archival assets

Wealth Issue 2016: Editor’s Note

The problem is not capitalism but the inadequacies of politics-as-usual to engage with capital

Back to Ideology

The conservative crack-up and a new nationalist narrative


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