Karan Johar

The Inevitable Blame Game

Rajeev Masand

Films of a Feather Don’t Flock Together • Not the Next Big Thing

Karan Johar’s Open Set Policy

Hitting Back, Quietly • When Fortune Turns Fickle

A Family in Motion

What’s to Hide? • A Condescending Friend

Beyond Money and Masala

Look Who’s off to Toronto • Just Not Discreet Enough

The Casting Surprise That Really Isn’t

Intimacy Issues • The Reluctant Studio

Bombay Velvet

In trying so hard to achieve a snazzy feel, this film only comes across as phoney

Anything but a Literary Snob

The Well Advised Mother • The Arrogant Filmmaker No One Likes

Sanjay’s Sulk

A Case of Butterflies • Maiden Voyage in Troubled Waters

Theatrical Launch of a Hospital

Airborne Disturbances • The Open Diary of a Resentful Mother

Nuts over Dates

Nuts over Dates • Feuding Filmstars • The Price of Lechery


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