The Demise of the World’s Oldest Man


Most ‘oldest living persons’ happen to be residents of Japan, which at last count was home to over 58,000 people aged over 100

Narendra Modi: The global pragmatist

Seven features of Modi’s non-doctrinaire foreign policy that is taking India from non-alignment to multi-alignment

The Wolverine

An entertaining film that shows us an interesting social structure in corporate Japan

The Samurai Spirit

A tragedy of gigantic proportions can also be an inflexion point for a country with an innate urge to bounce back. So it could be for Japan

Tsunami’s Children

An aid worker’s first-hand account of how the children of Japan are coping

Can We Afford Nuclear Energy?

Not if, but when, a major disaster strikes, we will do far worse

Hiroshima’s Child

Growing up, Miyuki Kamimura didn’t hear stories of gnomes and fairies. His was a childhood with tales of people with half-faces and burnt skin. We learn of life in the shadow of Hiroshima

Breaking the Rajini Myth

Here’s why, despite tales of the actor’s cult status in Japan, producers of his latest film Robot will think twice before venturing there.

Trunk Calls to Jaldapara

For two elephants who’ve been relocated to Japan, a CD is their only connection to home.


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