J Jayalalithaa

The Lady Vanquishes

Rohini Mohan

Liberating Jayalalithaa from the image trap

She Who Must Not be Named

When Jayalalithaa ceases to be a noun and becomes a political pronoun

Reading the Future in the Ashes of Thursday

A comrade who defies both biology and ideology in Kerala. The triumph of Kancheepuram kitsch in Tamil Nadu. The compelling subaltern-sandesh socialist in Bengal. A Modi wave on the Brahmaputra. And a Family that couldn't provide the sheltering shadow for a withered party...The summer thriller of 2016

Tamil Nadu: The Cult of Mother is Intact

For the first time, Tamil Nadu has voted back an incumbent party contesting without an ally

Jayalalithaa: The Mother of All Battles

A smug Jayalalithaa parachuting into constituencies, Stalin in damage control mode, smaller parties turning up the heat. V Shoba watches the great election circus in Tamil Nadu

The Deluge And the Deluded

No flood could wash away the anger of Chennai

J Jayalalithaa: The Phoenix

J Jayalalithaa, acquitted by the court, returns to reclaim the crown. Is she on her way to become Tamil Nadu’s most powerful political icon?

The Invisible Empress of Surrealistan

How Jayalalithaa still rules Tamil Nadu

Co-opting the Dead

Take reports of suicides following Jayalalithaa’s conviction with a pinch of salt


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