Bibi’s Toughest Test

Anat Bernstein-Reich

Israeli public opinion is near-unanimous that the prime minister will have to resign when the war ends

The Blaze of Gaza

The Israel-Hamas war is essentially a great-power conflict that pits two coalitions against each other like Ukraine war

In the Guise of Solidarity

I never imagined that the butchers of Hamas would manage to set the tone of discourse in, of all places, London

Biden Loves Bibi

The US president’s muscular diplomacy cannot hide America’s lost standing in the Middle East

The Relativism of Safety

Is this war turning into a clash of civilisations?

Gaza of the Mind

The redundancy of moral choices influenced by ideology

The Naming of the Dead

Perceptions shift as we move from defence to offence

The Return of Anti-Semitism

To be a Jew in the liberal world is to be the sole receptacle of guilt and shame

Look Who’s Seeking the Final Solution Now

Hamas has committed a crime against humanity. Peace cannot be Israel’s responsibility alone


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