The Original Error

Tracing the Gaza war to the Balfour legacy

The War During Passover

In the conflict between Iran and Israel, the hostages cannot be forgotten

A Lethal Impasse in Gaza

What is the way out as the international pressure on Israel mounts and the humanitarian crisis deepens?

And Then There Were 134

America holds the key that can end the war in Gaza and bring the remaining Israeli hostages home

After the Hostages Come Home

Can Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority govern Gaza when Hamas is gone?

Dying in Gaza

The wages of Israel’s war of retribution


The pro-Palestine marches through London

A Modern Crusade?

The ancient roots of today’s battle in Gaza

Who by His Own Hand?

A new book on the October 1973 Yom Kippur War provides an inadvertent insight into what went wrong for Israel on October 7, 2023


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