The One-Way Liberal Street

PR Ramesh

Is the silence of vocal defenders of free speech in the Nupur Sharma case encouraging Islamists to demand a blasphemy law in India?

An Inconvenient Truth

The forced migration of Kashmiri Pandits, for long kept out of the national narrative, is finally becoming visible and gaining the attention of the rest of India

It’s Not Blasphemous

Extremists in Pakistan fail to see that the acquittal of Asia Bibi is not unIslamic

In God We Mistrust

The Marathwada region of Maharashtra is buffeted by a new wave of Islamist radicalisation, Ullekh NP reports from Aurangabad and Beed

Hauntings in Mosul

The dead and the missing in the ruins of this historical city merge into the larger narrative of the future of the Islamic State

Regaining a Little Bit of India

The liberation of Mosul redeems a piece of history

The Parable of a True Muslim

Through candid and spirited letters to his sons, a father addresses the issues that haunt Islam today

Who Lost Kashmir?

Five inconvenient truths about an over-Islamised Valley

ISI: The Evil Within

The ISI will continue to be a regional menace


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