A Difficult Dateline

Manoj Joshi

A part anthropological, part sociological and part vicarious portrait of a slice of Pakistan

God’s Recruits

The radicalisation of Indian Muslim youth in the age of the Islamic State

Hari Kunzru: ‘The border is not a nice place right now for anybody with brown skin’

A writer in a polarised world. Hari Kunzru talks about his art and politics in a conversation with Rahul Pandita

The Parable of a True Muslim

Through candid and spirited letters to his sons, a father addresses the issues that haunt Islam today

Female Qazis: Raising the Bar

India’s pioneering female qazis are pushing for a gender-neutral interpretation of Muslim law

The Ideological Threat of Islam

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islam’s most daring heretic, argues for a war on Islamist missionaries

Islamic State Versus Islamic Republic

Sharing an ideology with terrorists has humbled Pakistan

Night, Sea and Death

A haunting first novel set in Pakistan of the 70s

The Myth of Islamic Exceptionalism

The struggles and failures of liberalism are not religion-specific

Martin Amis: ‘It is Very Satisfying—Killing People’

Martin Amis talks about Donald Trump’s sexuality and Islamic fanaticism


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