The Fake Truths of IPL

Boria Majumdar

Remember the fakeIPLplayer blog? It’s back as a book and it’s witty, engrossing and often rings quite true.

Why the Super Kings Reign

The IPL success of Chennai Super Kings can be traced to a certain business acumen. That of India Cements’ N Srinivasan. He is that rare team owner who knows exactly what he’s up to.

True Colors

How do cricketers who fly frequently deal with passenger flatulence, why aren’t the Kolkata Knight Riders ever ashamed of themselves, what do stars do in South Africa when they are not playing, why are Indian cheerleaders not so hot

The New Cricket Manual

One-day cricket brought in newer strokes, deliveries and fielding strategies. T20 has rewritten the game’s manual again. What would WG Grace have made of it?

…and a Bit of Cricket

As the carnival unfolded in a foreign field, the crowds were sober by Indian standards, actresses in luxury boxes tried to look jubilant, food sellers made money, and batting technique made a triumphant return

Mercury Rising

Things heat up in South Africa as the news of a player revolt afflicts Kolkata Knight Riders, good old hands continue to infuse classical cricket into T20, and Indian fans go crazy

Twenty20 Vision

Embedded advertising and seven minute breaks are making money for everyone involved with IPL, and killing the game. And, hey, Mandira Bedi doesn’t help either

Drunk with Boredom

Unlikely talking heads and tedious poll predictions make for heartbreaking TV. More IPL, please?


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