Shakespeare in an iPad

Sonali Acharjee

Virtual labs, data analytics and attractive business models are drawing entrepreneurs and learners to invest in digital classrooms

Command and Control

Do technology-driven comforts make us more vulnerable?

The Data Doctrine: More’s Law

As data gathering goes into overdrive, India could lead the quest to make the whole greater than the sum of bits and bytes

What Homebodies Watch: Net Fix

The direct delivery of entertainment to handsets already has the numbers to reshape Indian TV and cinema

The Well-Connected Cops of Bengaluru

The Twitter handle of the city police is about to cross a million followers. Meet the team of constables behind the makeover

Sanjay Nayak, 53, CEO & MD, Tejas Networks

‘Even through the dark years, we never felt that the game was over,’ says Sanjay Nayak

Kailash Katkar, 50, Founder, Quick Heal

‘I look for what is going to come next and prepare myself for that,’ says Kailash Katkar

The Truth Serum: Why Do We Lie?

Exploring the mystery through digital data

Media in the Mirror

Journalism in a time of change


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