On a Wing and a Prayer

Nandini Nair

Living in a new normal

Covid-19 Autopsy: German Expert’s Study Counters ICMR Claim

German expert Dr Klaus Püschel says autopsy on COVID-19 victims helps understand the disease, says risk of infection minimal

Covid-19: The Wolf May Never Come

Is testing still important? What if India had tested for corona at the rate of South Korea or Germany?

What it means to live in a hotspot

Coronavirus has familiarised everyone with the concept of uncertainty

The Threat from the Tablighi Jamaat

It is time India recognised the danger in the Islamic group's ideology, its disregard for national borders and the jihadists it spawns

It’s a Long Haul

Are three weeks enough for a comprehensive victory over the pandemic?

Apropos of Tablighi

It is science, not ideology, that will save us from religious contagion

Kanika Kapoor: Baby Doll Interrupted

Reinventions are brutal but none is more exacting than in the Mumbai film industry

A Portrait of Death and How to Face It

A meditation on death in the time of viral fear

Better Safe than Sorry

How to control the pandemic by preventing its spread


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