Indian Navy

Here Comes the Indian Armada

Rajeev Deshpande

India steps up its role in policing the Somalia-Arabian Sea zone using state-of-the-art information analytics and deploying missile ships and marine commandos

Sea Power

There is an urgent need to project power in the Indian Ocean to deter Chinese intrusions and safeguard sea lanes

India close to buying 30 Sea Guardian drones from US

Govt level discussions prioritise acquisition of platforms to monitor the Indian Ocean Region

The Flag of Self-Respect

Changing the naval ensign is intrinsic to Narendra Modi’s larger project of removing the last traces of the colonial past

Sea Change

INS Vikrant is an important step towards a comprehensive naval policy that looks beyond deterring the Chinese threat in the Indian Ocean

Navy sheds colonial tag as PM invokes Shivaji

Modi dedicates new aircraft carrier Vikrant which he says reflects Made in India spirit and also ensign that replaces St George's cross with Ashokan lions

Remembering a Visionary Strategist

Verghese Koithara’s approach combined the rigour of a scholar with the intimate knowledge of the practitioner

The X Files

A first-rate thriller from our military history

BC Dutt: The Good Sailor

BC Dutt, who lit the spark for the Naval Mutiny of 1946, is still an animated memory


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