The Wisdom of Hindsight

TP Sreenivasan

It took four years and violence at the seat of American democracy for Republicans to move against Donald Trump

After the Insurrection

Donald Trump is facing ejection from the White House, a second impeachment trial and a mutiny in his party

The Great American Show Trial

Republicans close ranks behind their rule-breaker-in-chief. Donald Trump may be stigmatised by impeachment but it’s unlikely to deny him a second term

Trump on Trial

American diplomacy, as well as Donald Trump’s job prospects, will be on the line with his looming impeachment

From America First to America Alone as Trump Rages

Donald Trump retreats from the international system the US built

Injudicious Move

The effort to impeach Chief Justice Dipak Misra is unlikely to succeed in Parliament but the political calculations behind it are obvious

Warren Hastings ‘Loved India a Little More Than His Own Country’

On the 70th anniversary of India’s independence, let’s redeem Warren Hastings from the worst trial of history

Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill

Under the bill, the Lokpal can be removed only through a process of impeachment that will require at least a two-thirds’ vote in the Legislative Assembly

Cloak and Stagger

The effort to enforce accountability upon India’s Judiciary is in danger of stalling. A look at what’s taking so awfully long.


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