Between Life & Life

As humans know it and as the virus knows it

The Origins

The debate on Aryan migration has long divided Indian academics into opposing camps. Two recent genetic studies appear to have solved the mystery of where we come from by offering fresh insight into who the people of the Indus Valley Civilisation really were

Beastly Tales

A fascinating study of human and animal relationships in the foothills of India

The Secret Lives of Indian Street Dogs

New studies show they grow smarter about humans as they age and some are even monogamous

The Mind Readers

Tracing a remarkable friendship between two professors who demolished several myths of human nature

Processed Meat and Cancer

Based on the analysis of 800 studies, IARC has classified processed meat as ‘carcinogenic to humans’ and red meat is ‘probably carcinogenic’

Fear of Spiders

Arachnophobia isn’t a sign of emotional weakness, but a product of human evolution

Why Dogs Love Humans

The hormone that enables humans to trust one another also allows dogs to bond with their owners

Alcohol and Evolution

Our primate ancestors developed an ability to consume alcohol 10 million years ago


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