Hrithik Roshan

Cellulose Cinema as a Lost Cause

Rajeev Masand

Tiger Burns Bright | No Patch-Up Here

The Number Game: A Bollywood Drama

Featuring actors, private investigators and a celebrity lawyer

Don’t Write Her off Yet

A Family That Sticks Together | Nothing Unreasonable About It

The Claws Are Still Out

Slaying the Troll | What Happens in the Waiting Room

Fans Come First for Ranveer

Worth a Second Chance? | No Penny-Pinching Here

Don’t Jump the Gun

Westward Bound | Conditional Stardom

A Serious Shot at Acting

Queuing Up for Hrithik | Desperately Seeking a Hero

Looking for the Perfect Leading Lady

Back at the Helm | Negative, from Reel to Real

Playing Dress-up at Cannes

Eye of the Tiger | Seeing Ahead


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