The Sanatani Accords

Makarand R Paranjape

The Sanatani Accords: A Hindu-Muslim amity pact for India@75

Was There Ever a Golden Age?

An era when Hindus and Muslims shared a bond

The End of Inevitability

The linear narrative of India’s freedom struggle and its unrealised possibilities

A Conversion to Remember

Will a Muslim’s embrace of Hinduism trigger introspection and reform?

The False Equivalence Industry

In which it’s cool to compare RSS to the Taliban

The Muslim Makeover

Shaheen Bagh has changed the community’s terms of engagement with the country

What Happened in Delhi?

It is easy in hindsight to blame riots on the threat of direct action by a small-time BJP leader

Hate Wave in Delhi

Two days of rage and rampage in the National Capital. A Dispatch


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