An Ode to the Himalayas

Bibek Debroy

Forever seeking the divine in the sprawl of the mountains

Joshimath: Once Upon a Town

When the earth cracked open to reveal the inevitability of a Himalayan blunder

Opening the Floodgates

Yet another disaster in geologically fragile Uttarakhand pits livelihoods against ecology

Higher Calling

Imagining the Himalayas

Gangetic Blunders

The entwined fate of the river and the country

Along the White Clouds

The eternity of Himalayan pursuits

Tarun Bhartiya: The Last Songs of Life

Tarun Bhartiya’s documentary is a celebration of the essential Northeast whose music carries the sighs and sorrows of the soil

Mount Everest by Air

Flying aboard a notorious carrier along the Himalayas, exulting in its grandeur while hanging on to dear life

Hallowed Heights

After cancer and retirement, what do you do? How about climbing the Kilimanjaro and Himalayas


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