Back in Trouble

Pramila N. Phatarphekar

How chairs, cars and computers are killing our backs. Open decodes the achy algebra of L5 to S5, the most troubled vertebrae in our lower spine.

First World Suffering

Kerala’s women conquered their primary healthcare problems long before large swathes of India even saw a problem. So, why aren’t they celebrating?


For a growing number of people who run into cardiac trouble as young as 40, life is about living with an artificial throb. You shouldn’t let it come to that

The Inheritance

A rare genetic disorder can be the most crushing and lonely ordeal to suffer.

What Ails Women

An alarmingly large number of urban Indian women are reporting a similar set of ailments. What’s up?

Confessions of a Swine Flu Health Official

“Why keep multiplexes closed when the malls in which they are located could do business?”


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