Lav Agarwal, 48: Clear and Concise


Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Indian heart patients die 10 years earlier than those in the West, says study

A pioneering study of heart patients funded by ICMR envisages reducing the country’s disease burden

The Sunshine Connection

Studies show a correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and severity of Covid-19, but don’t bank on it to save your life yet

The Doctor Zooms In

Don’t shy away from video consultation

Home Marathon

The reinvention of the long-distance runner

The Online Posture

An ancient spiritual system takes a digital leap

Don’t Be Scared but Be Smart

Corona advisory for diabetics

It’s a Long Haul

Are three weeks enough for a comprehensive victory over the pandemic?

Fear And Loathing In A Small Indian Town

With the first confirmed and now dead coronavirus patient, panic breaks out in the north Bengal town of Kalimpong

An East-West Encounter

An anecdotal account of yoga’s journey from an ancient road to enlightenment to a wellness industry


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