Liver Alert

Ullekh NP

New studies on the link between the organ and overall wellness highlight India’s growing health challenges

A Doctors’ Malady

Odisha wants them to write their prescriptions in capital letters

Covid Lite

Cases are on the rise because of a new variant but the world is not worrying

Fit for the Future

Get ready for slow cardio, employee wellness, weight loss drugs, and the coming of gene therapy

Counterintuitive Facts

Why more accurate data can give a blurry picture

Talking Through Life

Young urban Indians are seeking therapy not only to recover from trauma but also to fit in

Fast Route To Fitness

They take only one meal a day, and they have started a trend

Modules on Menstrual Health, Hygiene Launched

UNSECO and partners unveil programme for teachers and students

H3N2: The Next Scare?

The virus triggers fears of an influenza epidemic


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