Rewriting the Body Code

Lhendup G Bhutia

A growing number of biohackers are consciously manipulating the mind-body system, from modulating brain waves to using genetic data for customised diets, to lead longer and better lives

The Three-Meal Problem

How to decide what to eat and when to eat

Fortifying Lives

India plans to overcome stunting and wasting in children by boosting the nutrient content of rice

Dying Young

A heartbreaking story of our times

A Billion Doses and Counting

India overcomes pandemic politics to administer Covid-19 vaccines on a stupendous scale

The Gift of Sleep

Thoughtfully designed mattresses, silk pillowcases, sleep stories in local languages and herbal soporifics: why we are resetting our body clocks again

Higher Plane

Ananda set the benchmark as a haven for luxurious health and opened up a new market in the mountains

The Measure of Life

New health indicators and devices that read them are generating a self-optimisation wave

Body and Spirit

How to feel good in the age of anxieties


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