The First Victim

Payal Dhar

Understanding systemic violence against women in India

Me The People

From film sets to newsrooms, a new moral order emerges on gender relations

The Female Lead

A new awakening in Hindi cinema

The Price of Fame

Blatant abuse of power by men is not new in Mumbai cinema. Women who have spoken out have been silenced or sidelined

Rage Against the Machine

Women are taking back some control by writing and telling their own stories. But let us not trivialise the struggle either

Cyber Bullies

The new adolescent terror in India and how to stop it

In Black and White

Residents of Delhi beat up some Nigerian nationals recently, accusing them of ‘eating babies’. The harassment of Africans by Indians is all too common. When will the law catch up with Indian racists?

Of Husbands at the Receiving End

A growing group of harassed parents and their sons are rallying against the misuse of anti-dowry laws

Straight Trouble

As more gays step out of the closet, the heterosexual man is going to need more than an abdominal shield to protect his privacy and macho pride


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