Balancing Acts

Vivek Menezes

A dancer’s search for health and happiness

Hope and Happiness

Sorrow cannot touch the learned person who has conquered his senses

Can You Be Happy Without Money?

In novels, only the rich can afford the luxury of complete leisure, and no toil. They have lives of plenty, which end up pyrrhic, as rampant consumerism hints at moral bankruptcy

Carlo Pizzati: Intimate Stranger

Being an Italian son-in-law in India

Aminatta Forna: ‘Writing can drive you mad’

Aminatta Forna and the impossibility of happiness

The Nonsense About Positive Thinking

A new study finds that being happy has no effect on the length of our lives

The Seven Day Rule

A new study reveals a close correlation between happiness and having sex at least once a week

The Age of Success

To be happy and content in later life, says this study, a man must achieve career stability by 27

Sex and Happiness

More sex does not necessarily spell more happiness. It can make people feel worse


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