Zooming Out

Winning back user trust is proving to be easier said than done for the video-conferencing app

Open Diary

The embarrassment of a hacked Twitter account and the experience of a budget speech

Kailash Katkar, 50, Founder, Quick Heal

‘I look for what is going to come next and prepare myself for that,’ says Kailash Katkar

‘All Aadhaar-enabled services are prone to cyber attacks’

Prof Sandeep Shukla speaks to Open on a range of issues related to cyber security

The Fifth Estate

Though not perfect, this film gives you a measure of the man who opened a Pandora’s box

Operation Shady RAT

It may bring down corporations or injure the interests of countries

Are Indian Hackers Any Good?

In light of the Chinese hacking into the Indian Government’s computers, a look at why India has not been able to raise its own army of lethal hackers.


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