Minimum Governance Maximum Taxation

Madhavankutty Pillai

What the move to jail corporate executives for CSR non-compliance says about this Government

India’s Adventure with Modi

Five fundamental shifts in politics and policies

A Cultural Survey of the Economy

Are we finally going beyond Kautilya in our economic thinking?

The Doughty Dozen

The bureaucrats entrusted with implementing Vision Modi

The Panglossian Years

For those who bothered to look, the problems with planning were always clear

BJP’s Dharmic Duty

The other side of Integral Humanism

The Name of the Change

Modi, as man and idea, is a layered construct

Planning the Future

The trajectory of state interventions in history

General Election 2019: Quote Hanger

“Nowhere in history will you find Hindus involved in subversive activities. Even the Britishers never mentioned them as terrorists,” says Narendra Modi

Trump Up

The president is vindicated by the Mueller report. But which Democrat will take him on in 2020?


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