Modi Versus Not Being Modi

S Prasannarajan

They tell us a lot about how bad the chowkidar is but nothing about how good they are

A Political Thriller

Two former Election Commissioners detail the grandeur of the largest democratic experiment on earth

One Before All

Placing the individual, not society, at the heart of the Constitution

‘The expectations of Modi were unrealistic,’ says Ruchir Sharma

Aresh Shirali in conversation with Ruchir Sharma, Author and global investor

Clash of Ideals

Is the State set to loom over the Market again? 

Everyone Loves a Loser

Why has Tipu Sultan become a faux saint, while his father Hyder Ali has been virtually erased from the memory of Karnataka Muslims?

Time to Splurge

In election season, it is usual to see populist spending but this time there’s a twist or two in the story

Maximum Vision

And the uses of minimalist government


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