A Doctrine of Dignity

Ullekh NP

Ashwani Kumar’s new book is a compelling argument for justice

AI and Democracy

Will humans become dispensable in the future of politics?

Deepfakes and Everyday Fakes

A matter of increasing concern

The Genie that Doesn’t Get Rebottled

A first step to address the risk from Artificial Intelligence has been taken but it might be already too late

The Evolution of Aspirational India

From the politics of representation to a politics of development

Mumbai: Breathless in the City

Cleaning our air will require long-term plan­ning and bringing various sections of society together

The Death of a Pipe Dream

The only way Israel can ensure who governs Gaza is by governing it itself

Digital Dividend

G20 members’ adoption of the Indian digital public infrastructure as a global template for developing nations is a big boost to Delhi’s stature

The Message

The summit demonstrated India’s ability to influence outcomes on the global stage by bridging geopolitical divides and making the group more economically inclusive


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