The Birth of Modern India

Zareer Masani

Nationalist tropes and imperial assumptions miss the Raj’s real economic impact

‘It is important that every youngster get opportunities, not assistance that keeps them dependent but the support that makes them self-reliant to fulfil their aspirations with dignity’

In a wide-ranging interview with PR Ramesh the Prime Minister talks about his journey from Gandhinagar to New Delhi, the challenges of governance, his vision for India in the world and much more

The Boss Who Listens

Experts are never out of place in his court

Redefining India

An open civilisation rejecting old monolithic constructs

A Matter Of Political Will

Aggression, attitude and actionable intelligence

End of Entitlement

The difference when intermediaries are evicted

From the Realistic to the Impossible

The principles that drive the Modi momentum

Modi and the Power of Pursuit

Before he became India’s prime minister, Modi was India’s chief minister

Enter the Citizen

How the distinction between public and private affects Covid management

Decoding Modi 3.0

It is critical for the prime minister to refresh governance


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