The March for Green Hydrogen

Sabin Iqbal

Setting standards and governance of the gas could lead to geopolitical competition or a new era of international cooperation

A High Wind In the Himalayas

India’s strategic planning must take into account not only the changes thrown into relief by the pandemic but also the interconnectedness of global crises

The War India Can Win

The PLA looks impressive in ceremonial parades, but unlike the Indian Army it has no battlefield experience

How to Contain Xi’s Expansionism

If Xi Jinping stays on his present path, open conflict with the West, and with India and Japan, will become inevitable

When the Dragon Is Hurt

Has the formalisation of the Quad impelled Xi to save face?

The Taipei Takeover?

China now has teeth to fulfill its longstanding desire to reunify Taiwan

Staying Alive

With all the challenges living, survival is an unrivalled measure of success

Yet Another Covid Side Effect

A WHO report on the origins of the virus has a fallout on global politics

The Day of the Wolf Warrior

With all eyes on the new US administration, China looks set to consolidate its gains while India may find itself lonely


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