The New Balance of Power

Brahma Chellaney

India will need to navigate the world’s emerging geopolitical divides

The World Has a Ball

We could learn something from football. Break the law and there will be a stern penalty. That keeps the game credible

The End of Putin’s Dream?

Why Russia is not a 21st century Sparta

Neighbourhood Watch

How to prepare for new frontiers of warfare and ensure all-round development of a modern economy

United Against Terror

A series of high-profile conferences in New Delhi sees a wider acceptance of India’s concerns and strategies

The West should not forget that Russian wars start badly: Luttwak

Putin's forces are leaving one battlefield to go to another, to act purposefully, says noted war historian

The Age of Hypercontrol

Guns, gas and gossip

Chips and Water

Two ingredients spicing up the India-China confrontation

Going Back to the Roots

India must reclaim its universal and ancient narrative

Between London and Beijing

World is better off with vulnerable leaders


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