gender equality

Sabarimala: Among the Believers

V Shoba

Kerala’s most visited temple has become a war zone for reformists and traditionalists following the Supreme Court verdict allowing young entry to the shrine

A Crisis of Faith: The Wages of Selective Secularism

The issue at Sabarimala is not about equal gender rights

Divine Right

Caught between God, women and law, Kerala is still debating

Healing the Divide

The third edition of Difficult Dialogues highlighted the ways gender equality can be achieved. In an exclusive interview Dr David Osrin tells Nandini Nair why violence against women is a public health issue

She Power

Drawing the intimate and the taboo with wit and wisdom

The Sanctity of Gender Equality

A group of feisty women wrest the right to worship at the inner sanctum of Hindu temples in Maharashtra, if only for a stipulated 90 minutes

The Anxious Male

The democratisation of the sexes is threatening the man’s sense of security like never before. And he is not coping very well. Ask the ladies.


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