A White Elephant by the Ganges: A Russian bard’s fantasies about India

Ajay Kamalakaran

Vladimir Vysotsky, one of Russia’s most beloved 20th century poets, was fascinated with the India of his imagination, and wrote and sang a few timeless classics about the country in the 1970s

Among the Brahmins

It is the tension between cultural memory and current political anxieties about change that gives this riverside saga by Aatish Taseer the kind of literary urgency we hardly see in the writings on India

There’s No Silence Louder than Rahul in Benares

The enigma that is Rahul Gandhi has proved too inscrutable for the people of Benares. No one has a word to say about him, not even a harsh word

A Spiritual Dip

Groups of stark naked sadhus in hundreds march to Ganges for a holy dip.


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