Indebted to Imaginary Pleasures

Shylashri Shankar

Photographs of food can be equally appetising

Taste Is Emotional

What happens when you eat chocolate fondant

What Have You Got in the Fridge?

How the refrigerator keeps generational attitudes towards food intact

The Inheritance of Taste

The pleasures of feasting on food memoirs

A Weight off Your Mind

Can shedding a few kilos reverse diabetes?

Anthony Bourdain: The Super Chef

Anthony Bourdain’s spirit of adventure reminds us that this life, in spite of everything, can be fun

Lawrence Osborne: ‘Sensuality drives everything in travel’

Novelist and traveller Lawrence Osborne on the art of seeing and writing

Eat Your Way to Heaven

The link between feasting and thinking right

Eating Disorder

It's a bad idea to regulate food prices in multiplexes

Have You Burnt Your Mouth?

The triumphs and tragedy of Dalit food


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