The Algorithm of Freedom

Aprameya Radhakrishna

We can either surrender to global tech giants or lead the way

Where Are You, Genius?

A pause in India’s information revolution

False Starts and Second Guesses

As a funds crunch forces e-commerce companies to get money wise, a series of layoffs and lower salaries take some of the shine off startup jobs

Flipkart: Startup Pangs

On recruited IIM graduates being put on hold by Flipkart


Why investors are rushing to Bangalore to get a piece of the tech startup action even amid talk of a 1999-like crisis

Bloodshed In the Online Marketplace

How e-commerce firms, their war chests overflowing with recent funding, are taking on each other like never before

Flipside Score: Six up, Half a Dozen Down

A billion ‘hits’ on Flipkart’s website; 1.5 million users who bought at least one item; $100 million worth of goods sold

Will They, Won’t They?

E-commerce in India has grown at an annual rate of over 30 per cent for the last three years


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