‘Modern life is against crime and the enjoyment of crime’

Bhavya Dore

A veteran of children’s books and crime fiction, Anthony Horowitz tells Bhavya Dore why he chose to change the rules of the murder mystery

Earth Mother

An excerpt from the memoirs of Perumal Murugan

Violent Affairs

KR Meera’s work confounds and illuminates difficult relationships

Family Trauma

Ann Patchett’s new novel is about heartbreaks and healing

All About the Mother

In praise of a different kind of woman in fiction

One Hell of a Storyteller

Unni R, a master of the short story form, remains committed to an approximate realism

Notes of Misadventure

Shubha Mudgal marks her fiction debut with a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek collection of stories set in the Hindustani classical music world

Creatures Great and Small

Beastly tales in fiction

The Meek Must Protect the Earth

Four novels answer the question of justice and law

Light in the Dark

A delightful and heartbreaking memoir that celebrates life


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