Gaga over Geometry

Kabeer Sharma

Indian fashion has gone all nerdy in its search for shapes and sexiness. Or, has it really?

A Brief History

From the humble langot to G strings, funky trunks, boxers with Superman prints... male underwear in India has come a long way.

Now Men Flaunt the Ankle

Trousers are getting shorter. So, is the next battle of the sexes going to be on hemlines?

Kolkata School of Fashion

Guess what defines the culture-proud Bengali bhadralok’s emergence on the fashion scene?

Tees That Wink

Streetwear has become quite a rage among urban youngsters with an attitude. Do we spy another revolution in the making?

To Button or Not…

Don’t sweat the short stuff. Follow these dress rules, and you’ll survive

Death of Ms Supermodel

Nobody could fully explain why she was special, but she was. Once. It was clear she was more than just a pretty face. Alas, that was the last we saw of her. A report from her funeral

Turban Cool

The classic Sikh headgear’s moment in the sun has arrived

Gritty Gloss

Indian fashion photography is not just about good looks anymore. Getting down and dirty is in vogue


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