Surrealists and Communists in Paris

Stephen Fein and Krishnan Srinivasan

A counter-exhibition that changed Western understanding of colonial cultures

Attitudes and Identity

Where the familiar becomes fabulous

Bani Abidi: The Last Laugh

The Pakistani artist Bani Abidi uses the absurd to fight oppression

SG Vasudev: Crafting the Covenant

SG Vasudev’s retrospective reveals the joyous communion of man, woman and nature

Venice Biennale: Essential Elusiveness

Rohit Chawla captures the spirit of Venice Biennale through his favourite ten

Stamp of History

The Nizam’s postage tells the story of a Hyderabad that was already modern

Rameshwar Broota: The Suspension of Matter

Rameshwar Broota and the exploration of corporeal vulnerability

Amar Nath Sehgal: The Lightness of Bronze

A new museum commemorates the life and works of Amar Nath Sehgal

India Art Fair 2019: Out of the Picture

Moments of transcendence and dissonance at the India Art Fair. A critic’s diary


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