Epic Retellings

Poorna Swami

Dance and theatre productions upturn popular versions of characters and stories from the Ramayana

Blessed and Cursed

Amruta Patil in her graphic retelling of the Mahabharata reimagines women as epic beings

The Mahabharata Moment

An epic meditation on being and everythingness

An Epic Obsession

Bibek Debroy has completed a ten-volume translation of the Mahabharata in English. Inside the mind of an economist with a difference whose daytime job nowadays is the restructuring of Indian Railways and duties as a permanent member of the recently formed NITI Aayog

Changing Epic Traditions

The Ramayan holds interest for India’s contemporary generation a million years since its first oral telling.

The Mother of All Epics

As a masterpiece of poetry, it remains unparalleled. As a signifier of a civilisation’s ethical and spiritual heritage, it is unsurpassed. What makes it so unique is that it is ‘alive’ in many senses of the word.


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