The Switch

TR Vivek

With China snatching pole position from the US, all bets are off. But we saw it coming—two decades ago.

How I Loved the Recession

As the world economy slowly recovers, remembering the joyful consequences of last year’s financial crisis.

Let the Champagne Wait

The Indian economy’s recovery is ahead of the curve but also fragile. Should the Government then even consider withdrawing the stimulus package?

Thunder Tomes

Recent literature on the world’s financial crisis is anything but boring. These books crackle, roar and rip

MapMyIndia Light

It comes at a price point that’s affordable for all car users. So if you were waiting for GPS prices to come into reach, here is what you were waiting for

The Vital Hour

How India tackles the economy at this critical juncture could make the difference between staying in the current slump and returning to high growth in 18 months

War and Pieces

Cricket crazed they may well be, but Sri Lankans live in a country at war with itself. If President Rajapaksa sees reason, enduring peace and an economic boom await India’s island neighbour

How Bad Is the Economy?

The fiscal year 2008-09 is at its end, and everyone is cheering its demise. Although we won’t know yet, the news (conveniently after the election results are out!) will not be good.


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