The Kohli Rate of Growth

Aditya Iyer

Economic lessons from the captain’s chase

Interpreter of a Malady

Piketty needs his critique of capitalism shorn of overreach, not overhyped

The Arc of Optimism

Two books that show the danger of making extreme, and often ideological, assumptions in economics


Ruchir Sharma: The Globalist

Helping understand the forces governing the economics and politics of countries

An Economist Against GDP Worship

The work of Nobel laureate Angus Deaton arms us for the fight against poverty and reminds us that Economics should focus on welfare more than wealth

The Impossible Trinity and Last Law of Lickonomics

The RBI’s fuzzy approach to this famous trilemma of economics could challenge anyone’s sanity

Think Difference

An engaging book by a Nobel laureate that could leave the discerning reader even more so

The Death of Manmohanomics

Not so long ago, India’s emergence as a tiger economy was seen as a done deal. Today, double-digit growth looks a forlorn dream. What went wrong?

The Price of Nuclear Power

Catastrophe doesn’t seem to bother our planners, but how about paying attention to economics?


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