Hanging In the Balance

Madhavankutty Pillai

Mumbai’s iconic Hanging Gardens will shut for seven years. But residents and environmentalists are resisting the closure

Madhav Gadgil: The Man On the Hill

Madhav Gadgil relives his fascination with the natural world in his memoir. The veteran ecologist talks to

A Himalayan Faultline

Reckless building of infrastructure has been blamed for the mess

Joshimath: Once Upon a Town

When the earth cracked open to reveal the inevitability of a Himalayan blunder

Creatures’ Comfort

The beauty of species that inhabit our coastline

The Day of the Vulture

A veterinary drug and a breeding programme are raising hopes for a revival of the endangered scavenger

Ecological Swaraj

Restoring health and beauty to our relationship with the natural world

The Nuisance of Bird Photographers

A study of Karnataka’s Hesaraghatta Lake shows how bird photographers are messing up the ecology of the region

The Thing About Trendy Green

10 popular panaceas that promise to revive our ecologically bankrupt planet. But can they ever deliver?

God’s Own Feminists

The bizarre world of ants and why a handful choose to study it


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