Delhi’s Mutual Admiration Society

Minhaz Merchant

Unravelling the Lutyens’ state of mind

A Matter of Marcos

The scion of a notorious dynasty brings his family full circle

Being the Scindias

A family that has ensured a seamless transition from the top rung of one system to another

“I hope the more pacific, cat-loving Muhammad serves as the model for Muslims”

Historian Tom Holland on the riddle of monotheism and the crisis within modern-day Islam

The Poetry of Dynasty and the Prodigal Son

Where Rahul Gandhi is an ancestral memory and Varun Gandhi is the intimate Other. Chinki Sinha discovers the dynamics of dynasty as she travels through Amethi, Rae Bareily and Sultanpur

Heir Reluctant

Fatima Bhutto on the Disneyfication of the family graveyard and why she likes to steer clear of politics.

Dear Mama, When Do I Grow Up?

Varun Gandhi still needs his mother to fight his battles

Winning War, Losing Peace

Rahul Gandhi’s first ever full-fledged press conference reveals something about his leadership that’s worrying


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