Uncomfortably Numb in Punjab

Moinak Mitra

A journey through the state’s drug-paved highways and alleyways

Udta Punjab: Defying the Drumbeat

Udta Punjab gives you the reality of the north Indian state and not the mythic idea of it that pervades cinema and advertising

Anurag Kashyap: ‘Pahlaj Nihalani Has United Everyone’

The Udta Punjab filmmaker speaks about taking on Pahlaj Nihalani and how reality makes its way into his work

Two on a Trip

A well-told memoir on drug abuse, the saviour and the saved

High on Love

Don't become second to a drug

Sloth, stupor and shame in Punjab

Police forces in the state are caught in a vortex of drugs and politics. Is there a way out?

Divine Comedy

What happened after a young girl took a drug in Dubai

Patent Horror

A documentary on how a Western medical mafia blocked cheap HIV/AIDS drugs in Africa, leading to over 10 million deaths

Confessions of a Rave-Party-Goer

“Some people were drinking alcohol, others were on chemical drugs. But not everyone was on drugs, as is widely believed of raves”

Confessions of a Drug Peddler

“I was young, eager to make money, and willing to take risks. How else could two unemployed college students make Rs 6,000 a week?”


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