Born To Be Wild

Ranjit Lal

From Romulus Whitaker to India’s Snakeman

Showbiz and Narcotics: A Bad Trip

Showbiz helps fuel drugs as a lifestyle choice while a high-profile arrest underscores Mumbai’s status as the ultimate party town

High Culture: The Stoned Age

The expanding landscape of drug abuse

Grass Roots

Marijuana was not considered a social evil in the past and its return to respectability is inevitable in India

Guns and Poppy

The inside story of how the drug trade is funding terrorism in Kashmir

Uncomfortably Numb in Punjab

A journey through the state’s drug-paved highways and alleyways

Udta Punjab: Defying the Drumbeat

Udta Punjab gives you the reality of the north Indian state and not the mythic idea of it that pervades cinema and advertising

Anurag Kashyap: ‘Pahlaj Nihalani Has United Everyone’

The Udta Punjab filmmaker speaks about taking on Pahlaj Nihalani and how reality makes its way into his work

Two on a Trip

A well-told memoir on drug abuse, the saviour and the saved

High on Love

Don't become second to a drug


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