Spirit of the Times

Bhaichand Patel

You have to be n it for the long run. It takes years for fine wines to improve in quality and price. Whisky too can be an investment possibility but for that you will have to look abroad for advice

Luxury Tea: Hug In a Cup

Luxury tea in India takes off as consumers learn to distinguish the first flush from the second, the single estate from the blend and the handrolled from the CTC. Welcome to the world of beautiful packaging, great stories and exclusive tea rooms

Mahua: Flower Power

Mahua, a humble tipple of the adivasis, finds its space under the liquor marketing sun

Bean There, Done That

India is catching up with the single-origin movement

In High Spirits

A fascinating journey across cultures charts the life and evolution of alcohol and its influence

That heady feeling

Why falling in love and getting drunk often feels the same

Draw Yourself out over Drunch

It’s not lunch, it’s not brunch—it’s drunch. When you’re free and feel like stretching your drinks over good conversation and food for hours on end.


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