domestic help

The House of Horror

Rahul Pandita

A minor Adivasi girl rescued from a working couple’s house in Gurugram recounts her five-month ordeal

Maid in India

The fine and fraught balance between domestic help and their employers

The Triumph of the Servant

In the war between employers and domestic helps, there is only one winner

Housekeeping Crisis

A complex and troubling account of those who serve and those they serve

Of Scrubs and Girls

Still new to the West, Atreyee Majumder wonders what it is that so affects her when a maid bends under her chair at home in India to scrub out a speck of dust, while a janitor in uniform evokes no feeling at all

Maid in India

Surviving the new Indian maid

An Unspoken Bond

She entered the house as a temporary domestic help, wordlessly captured everyone’s hearts, and then disappeared. I shared nothing more than a few silent smiles, and tears, with this woman, but found it held more meaning than words could ever do.

Wielding the Kitchen Knife and a Pen

A domestic help in Delhi, 35-year-old Halder stands a class apart from most Indian bestselling writers


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