The Smart Money Bet

Aresh Shirali

The RBI as an inflation buster could mark a new era for the rupee

The Wonders and Woes of Foreign Funds

Foreign loans could prove hard to pay back if the rupee crashes

Dr Singh on India’s Dollar Desperation

The PM says the best way to head off a BoP crisis would be to lure enough inward dollars to fund India’s current account deficit

Chidambaram’s Hard Rupee Gambit

A strong currency is the focus of the Finance Minister’s plan to stabilise the economy rightaway

In the Greenback We Trust

A brief history of the dollar in India. Or, more accurately, how the dollar came to enchant Indians so

The Yuan Can What Dollar Cannot

The two great world powers, China and the United States, are sparring real time on the value of China’s currency, the yuan.

Business Briefing 17/10

Dylanesque duplicity and how dollar blues drive investors to gold...


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