In the Name of the Daughter

Kaveree Bamzai

Nisha Pahuja with her Oscar-nominated documentary makes a compelling argument for justice

Vikas Khanna: Feasting on Life

Chef, filmmaker and author, Vikas Khanna now tells the story of an extraordinary old woman through a new documentary and book

Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh: Newsmakers

Two filmmakers chronicle a rare media story in an Oscar-nominated documentary

Living Myths

An internationally acclaimed short film tells the Santhals’ story

Amar Kanwar: Philosopher’s Cut

Amar Kanwar talks about his new film which takes the camera deep into the heart of darkness

Lena Dunham: Angsty is Sexy

A fan letter to Lena Dunham

Tarun Bhartiya: The Last Songs of Life

Tarun Bhartiya’s documentary is a celebration of the essential Northeast whose music carries the sighs and sorrows of the soil

Fire in the Blood

A documentary on the fight over pharmaceutical patents lands firmly on India’s side

The Camera Has Stopped Rolling

It has never been easy for India’s most powerful documentary filmmaker Anand Patwardhan to screen his films. He has now decided he will make no new films till people get to see his earlier ones

The Spirit of Defiance

Alison Klayman on making a documentary on Ai Weiwei, an artist the Chinese government fears


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